Bible Study Groups

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Charlotte Hendricks and Janet Rule

Wings – Women In God’s Service

Mission Statement: To bring women together to study the Bible’s teachings and incorporate them into their lives.  Wings group is for spiritual growth and support for all women.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Robert Rodriquez

Men’s Bible Study and Support Group

Meets every Monday night at 6:30pm in the fellowship hall at church.

Ministry Classes

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Foals: Nursery

Mission Statement: To provide a safe environment for family to take their child; (infant to toddler) to care for their needs, while still being able to enjoy worship services and church activities.

God Made Me Special

Pat Haynes

This is our class for Special Needs Children that teaches the Word of God at a pace and way to meet each child’s needs.

Kids for Christ

Dewey and Ann Deshazo

We consider it an honor and privilege to serve God by teaching this class.  Our goal is to teach the love of God through Jesus with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, laying a solid foundation that will lead them to accept Jesus as their personal savior by grace through faith.  Ephesians 2: 8-9.

Rough Riders for Christ & Kids Korral

Pam Denum

Mission Statement: Provide a strong foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Bible and the Western Culture to children.  Ages 4 years to 4th grade.

Youth With Out Walls

Melanie Murry

YWOW: High school youth class