Pastor Ford Adkins

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Pastor Ford Adkins Vision

Seventeen years ago, this month I met a small core group at the bunk house in Bald Hill. Their heart and vison were to start a “Western Heritage Church” in the Lufkin area. Since then God has blessed us, protected us, and lead us through the years. He is far ahead of us with His perfect plan and purpose.

The years have come with some very blessed times as well as some tough and trying times for C.T.C.C. But God has always been with us and the church that He established. The process of shaping and molding certainly has played a significant role in where we are today.

It has been a blessing to watch generations of families be Saved, Baptized, and have major life changes for the Glory of God through church services as well as arena and community events.

The years have come and gone as time moves forward! I’m excited more than ever before for the (New Season)- (New Plans)- and (New Vision) through our “In house Church services”, “Bible Studies”, “Christian Country Concerts”, “Wednesday church family meal and service”, “Youth group events”, “Senior Food Pantry”, “Cook Offs”, and through our “Arena Team Ministry” to reach our community through “Western Heritage Culture” events including Bull riding, Barrel racing, Open Arena, and many other Equine events including School and Clinics, all with the “Gospel Message” being delivered through devotionals, music, fellowship, and prayer.

In 2019 the addition of our professional “Safety Team” with the leadership, training and resources that is of the highest quality has provided a much needed sense of security in this day and time for our church family and grounds.

Since Covid-19 God has opened the door through our outstanding “Media Team” to out-reach our messages and music services throughout the United States growing the number of people being touched by the Gospel message and adding to our Church family in a way we could never see before.

My personal goals are to grow daily as a Kingdom minded Christian man, to be a Godly Praying Christian Man and Father and to continue to grow closer to the Lord through Bible and resource study.

My goal as Sr. Pastor are to continue to build relationships with my church family and new church members as well as visitors through the ministry of prayer and fellowship during our services, Personal council sessions and in times of hardship, distress and tragedy.

Hospitals, Nursing homes, Funerals and Weddings have been an opportunity for me and the great team of C.T.C.C. elders and lay pastors to be personally involved with the great families of C.T.C.C.

It has been an Honor and Privilege to serve at C.T.C.C. since the church’s conception in 2004. I look forward to “Growing Better and Stronger” as Pastor and Leader moving forward in 2021 and the years ahead.

Sr, Pastor C.T.C.C.

Ford Adkins